Tuesday, January 29, 2008

welcome home

There's nothing like the feeling of being missed, is there? Now imagine how good it feels for your 8lb furball of a thieving cat to miss you. Yup, it's just that sweet. This past weekend I went out of town for work and when I returned home Simon jumped on my lap, made some biscuits, gave a little purr then hit the cat door for some stealin'. Man, it feels good to be loved...

I think the gloves are really secondary here. The 'gift' is actually 500 grass spurs - they just needed a carrier. My favorite part of this pair is that they are two different sizes. And Simon brought them both in at once. Little guy didn't want to expend too much energy.
Oh, and this was one of two pairs he nabbed in 30 minutes, the other pair was given back to it's owner - who came knocking at our door - before I could photograph them.

Yes, it's dirty rag #500! It's the thought, right?

What you can't tell from this photo is that the moist towelette is still moist. Wet, really. How nastastic is that?! (nastastic is my new word to describe many of Simon's gifts. Nasty+fantastic=nastastic!)

I've often wondered whether my neighbors have seen Simon dragging things down the street. It just seems like someone has to have seen something, and yesterday I got my answer. Yes, they have. And yes, they thought WTF?! My neighbor, Grant, was over (picking up his gloves of course) and he told me that one day he looked out of his front window to see Simon dragging a sheet across another neighbor's front yard. Really, are there words to describe how brilliant that is?! No. Sadly the sheet never made it into our house. Grant remarked that Simon tried to pull it through some bushes and it got stuck. And how cool is Grant ... he said he thought 'man, maybe i should give Simon a hand'. Love him.

In other news from the thieving cat world, my friend Courtney sent me this:
( and all I have to say is thieving crime fighting kitties = 1, perves = 0)

Curious cat finds child porn stash, leading to man's arrest

Associated Press

AUSTIN < A cat snooping around its new apartment found a
hiding place where the previous resident hid a stash of
child pornography, police said. The woman who owns
the cat noticed it could stick its head in a gap
between the pantry and ceiling, then a friend reached
into the gap and found DVDs containing child pornography,
according to an arrest warrant. The woman took the DVDs
to the apartment office and police tracked them to Luis
Jimenez, who had moved out of the apartment last year.
Jimenez, 24, has been charged with possession of child
pornography and was being held on $40,000 bail.
Possession of child pornography is a third-degree
felony punishable by up to 10 years in jail and a
fine up to $10,000. There was no attorney listed in
Jimenez's jail file Friday.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Those are a fine pair of gloves. I can see the attraction.. .now it really is too bad the neighbor didn't help him when the sheet got stuck.

Sasha Canadian said...

Awsome cat dectective, finding porn stash. Police should give this kitty a medal.