Sunday, January 6, 2008


I guess the last 16 rags just weren't dirty enough

and God bless the little thieving kitties

Simon has never brought home a skirt before. It's a first. Always expanding his horizons...what a guy.

And now for a shameless plug -
This whole blog thing is a new frontier for us and we've just found out that there are blog awards. Who knew? So we'd now like to ask you guys to give Simon some props and vote for him at the Eight Annual Weblog Awards
It's really simple, just go to the above link and scroll down to the "Best New Weblog" category, which is way down near the bottom, and enter Simon's site. You have to vote for three total so we thought we'd give you some ideas from blogs we're quite fond of:
Best Photography of a Weblog
Dallas photog Courtney Perry's personal photo blog
Best Writing of a Weblog
The fabulous Dena Taylor. In addition to writing well she also plays a mean game of bingo and last year she kicked cancer's ass.
Most Humorous Weblog
You'll waste hours on this site...and be happy you did.
Best-Kept Secret Weblog
We recently met animator, and all-round good guy, Trevor Romain over some manchego cheese and crackers. He's set to premiere his new tv show on PBS, has written numerous children's books and in his spare time pays visits to kids in Africa - I'm pretty sure he's a superhero.

Nominations are due by January 11. Simon, and I, thank you!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh good luck. We went over there to put in our favorites and you!

Dena said...

Thanks for the plug! "Plug it in, plug it in." Simon reminds me of one of the cheers we yelled at high school basketball games: steal it, swipe it, that's the way we like it! Go Simon, go!