Friday, January 11, 2008

picket line

I'm pretty sure Simon has been on strike all week and, if one is to believe that he really does understand what I'm saying, I think it might be my fault. I may have said something about 'taking it to the next level' and 'kicking it up a notch' with his finds. But I didn't mean it ... he's still my favorite little guy even when he only brings in the dirt on his back.
Regardless, he has brought me nothing all week.
Well, I can't really say that. He has been hunting judging from the rags lining the perimeter of my house, but he's refusing to bring them in. It's almost passive aggressive. He knows I can see that rag laying there by my car on the driveway, so why won't he just finish the job?
Clearly I've upset him.
So I went out and found this item hanging from my fence. It's a tie-down, or so someone with much great knowledge of these things then I, has told me. It's actually pretty fantastic but I can see why, after it got hung up on the fencing, he just left it there. It's about 10 ft long. Imagine the beautiful sight that must have been - a small cat dragging a long, bright orange swath of nylon and metal down the sidewalk (he only uses the sidewalks). Brilliant. Anyway, I probably would have left it hanging there also ... but those rags? There's no excuse for that.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

He is a very strong cat, isn't he?!

Dena said...

The uses you'll have for that. I can't begin to fathom.