Monday, January 21, 2008


I was talking with a friend last night who I hadn't spoken with in awhile and she asked me "So, what have you been up to lately, I see that Simon hasn't been doing much...", and then she preceded to give me her theory as to why Simon has been laying low. The argument pretty much hinging on a combination of cold and rain. I agreed then noted, with my inside voice, that she never really waited for me to answer any questions about myself, and that's when it occurred to me that my cat has apparently become far more interesting then me.
I guess I need to get out more.
So nope, the little guy hasn't been too busy lately, preferring the soft comfort of my dog's bed to casing the neighborhood for gifts. He did bring home a glove and rag the other day but ... well ... we've just seen SO much of that lately I thought I'd wait for something a little more out-of-the-ordinary before posting. But that ain't happening.
So, in honor of the week of rain that's forecast, I present an umbrella (which I do plan on making of use). This has been hanging out in Simon's Box o' Stuff since he brought it in sometime last year and, as far as his 'gifts' go, I have to say this might be one of the most useful items yet. It doesn't even feel caked in grime and fluids like so many of his things, so that's a plus.


Cheasty said...

hey, i just found this blog on accident and it's awesome! i sent it to some friends who are sending it to friends, etc. much laughter and amazement at simon's amazing skills. i'll keep checking in to see what the little guy gets up to.

Pitts said...

so, it was raining this morning and did i go out into the garage and get that umbrella out of Simon's box? yes, i did. Thanks for reminding me he brought that home! It's a pretty nice one. Don't worry, i will put it back in the Simon Treasure Box.

simon said...

Glad you found us Cheasty! Just don't get too upset if you ever find something you thought you 'lost' on here ... Simon will give it back. :)

Cheasty said...

oh, good. I do like a well-mannered cat. if you do find something of mine (has anybody seen my Wonder Woman underpants?) just leave me a note on my blog,

happy hunting!