Sunday, December 16, 2007

love your rug

Somewhere in my neighborhood someone woke up and thought "where is my rug? who would steal something like that?"

Simon. That's who.
Today, within an hour, two of my neighbors knocked on our door asking if Simon had brought home their belongings. The first guy was holding two gloves, two different gloves, each with a missing mate. The best part is that he sounded almost apologetic as he explained that he 'accidently' left his gloves outside - as if he was taunting Simon and he knew it and now felt bad. The second person was the twelve-year-old son of neighbors two doors away from the first guy. He was baring holiday treats and a pleas for a pair of moccasins. Neither the glove nor the shoes have made their way through our cat door. Of course that doesn't mean that Simon didn't take them, he probably did, and we'll most likely see them in the coming days. And yes, we'll return them. It is almost Christmas after all - peace on earth, good will toward men, and return stuff your cat has stolen - that's the spirit.


potater2 said...

That is the most "Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?" look I have EVER seen.

Brunocerous said...

that cat is genius