Tuesday, December 18, 2007

if the glove fits

Yes, he did take the neighbor's glove ...

and his other glove ...

and then he went and grabbed the mates.

He also threw in a rag just to mix things up a bit.
The little guy had quite a busy night. But the appearance of the items a day after the missing glove alert was sounded by my neighbor does throw some question into Simon's thieving ways. Until now I just assumed that he walked around the neighborhood, found something he liked, and brought it back into the house. But where was he hiding the first two gloves for more then a day? A friend has pointed out that maybe Simon has a safe house where he hides his hot items until the time is right to bring them back home. I mean, would I really be surprised to find a stash of stolen items hiding behind a bush somewhere in my hood? No, not at all.
So, as I handed my neighbor his missing gloves this morning he declared that he was going to have to "simonize" his yard. How cool - my cat's name has become a verb.

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azahar said...

"he declared that he was going to have to "simonize" his yard"

Ha! That is soooo funny. Thanks for finding my blog and letting me know about Simon.

He even looks a bit like Azar (that's him behind the laptop), so maybe it's a black cat thang?