Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blame it on the rain...

It's been raining here, and cold, two weather conditions which don't seem to agree with Simon's delicate sensibilities, and although the sun has finally popped out the little guy isn't really in the hunting mood it seems. He did bring me a gecko for lunch today, but that doesn't really count. About as close as we've gotten to any real gifts has been this:

A homemade flag? I don't know, but he brought it home a few months ago and the stick, which is so long I couldn't include it in the frame, has rendered it incapable of fitting into the Simon Box O'Stuff. So it's been sitting in his temporary box since it came home. I guess he was in the hunting mood, but not ready to get cold, the other night because I heard clanking around coming from the garage and, just like the first time he brought this home, I found this laying there when I went to see what all the fuss was about. Even though it's not new I was still heartened to know that he was thinking of me and at least trying to get me a gift.
In other news the sensor activated camera I ordered from the fine folks at B&H has finally arrived. So, if the weather starts to meet Simon's criteria for hunting, I'm hoping to have video to share in the coming week(s).

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Mercury M said...

As a NASCAR aficionado, I thought I'd share the following: The red flag means that all competition must stop. This not only includes the drivers on the race track but also the pit crews. If the crew is working on repairing a car in the garage area then they too must stop work when the red flag is displayed.

Maybe you guys have been working way too hard and this was Simon's way of telling you to STOP. Scary that I even know that flags exist in NASCAR.