Wednesday, February 27, 2008

five-finger discounts

Well, it's not that Simon hasn't been busy, look at my dining room floor at the moment and you'd be convinced a glove factory exploded, it's just that he apparently hasn't left the boundaries of our yard in weeks. Instead of finding new things to add to our collection he keeps recycling gloves from his box in the garage. One glove I've seen make it's way through the cat door four times. Some gloves are so commonly deposited in the house that even the dog, who will eat poop if given the chance but steers clear of any of Simon's steals, has begun to grab them and present them as greetings when I walk through the door. I guess familiarity has it's good points?
So, I'm not posting any photos because you've seen it all before. Maybe he'll get over his glove fetish soon ... fingers crossed.


Dena said...

Wouldn't it be great if a single sparkly glove showed up? Especially with the Michael Jackson 25 year anniversary coming up?

Forrest Preece said...

Deborah-- pls tell him to find some men's shirts, 16 1/2 neck, 32" sleeves. Fave brands are XMI, Ike Behar, DKNY, Claiborne or Lazo.

Or blue jeans- 38" waist, 29" inseam.

Heck, a Ralph Lauren suit, size 44 would be fine, too. I'd like a new navy pinstripe.

I can pay a commission. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

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